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Delhi, India !
Avail the finest quality sports goods and equipment like Snooker Table, Standard Billiard Table, Billiard Table Cloth, Table Tennis Accessories , etc.. to facilitate the demand of various Sports Clubs, Social Clubs, etc...

About Us

ASN Sales Corporation is one of the key-players in the sports goods industry, engaged as manufacturer, trader and supplier of various sports goods and equipment to cater to the demands of various Sports Clubs, Social Clubs, Corporate Offices, Educational Institutes, Pubs, Cafes, Farmhouses, Villas, Apartments and more. Ever since our establishment in the year 2010, we believe in catering to the client's requirement in the best possible manner when it comes to timeliness and quality.   

Our wide range comprises Billiard Accessories, Pool Table, Snooker Accessories, Snooker Cues Box, Snooker Table Cloth, Table Tennis, Snooker Table, Standard Billiard Table, Billiard Table Cloth, Table Tennis Accessories, White Table Tennis Ball, Plastic Table Tennis Ball, Table Tennis Balls, to name a few. Our entire range is manufactured with a vision to meet the growing requirement of sports that are finding acceptance in large number across various club houses in residential as well as commercial complexes as well.  

Every organization needs a mentor under who it can grow and spread its wings high in the sky of success. We are glad to work under the tutelage of our CEO Mr. Rahul Saraswat, who has been the man behind the success of our organization and a very good team player, motivating us to a better performance every time. 

Extensive R&D

R&D forms the core of any organizations success for it specifically gathers the information about the prevalent trend in the market or for that matter of the industry. With our extensive research and development techniques, we are able to identify the needs of our clients and hence are able to manufacture sports goods and equipment to meet their exact specifications. Adopting a focused approach to meet every production order, we aim to meet the customer satisfaction in true sense. The key areas on which our R&D team focus are the following:

  • Identifying the customer's needs
  • Current trend in the market
  • Latest manufacturing techniques
  • Quality control mechanism

Manufacturing Facility

We have an in-house manufacturing facility, which aids us in production of various kinds of sports goods and equipment meeting the exact customer specification. In tandem with the industry requirement, our manufacturing facility comprises both automatic as well as semi-automatic machinery to help in production process. A fair knowledge of production mechanism along with ability to work in close coordination with client enables us to produce large orders so as to meet the specified number as detailed by the client. 

Quality Control 

It goes without saying that in our organization, we lay utmost importance to ensure that quality standards are duly met. Having said that, we have a complete quality control system in place, that keeps a track of the quality of the products while being in the production line until they are dispatched. All the products are duly tested on various quality parameters and once they suffice all our quality parameters only then they are sent for packaging and shipped to the client. 

Why Us?

There are a lot many factors that contribute to any organizations success and overall growth. In addition to production in large number other factors such as delivery schedules, business transparency, and ability to keep going in adverse situations also define its success. Various factors that have helped us scale heights are:
  • Flexible mode of payments
  • Timely deliveries of the products
  • Vast distribution of network
  • Transparency in business procedures

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